Thursday, June 26, 2008

Monday 24th July 1939

Today’s turnover £65 – a record day and a record week, right at the start!
Flaxman’s RAF Volunteer Reserve HQ – 60 gallons. Flaxman’s Telephone Exchange – 7 gallons. Chambers Telephone Exchange – 15 gallons. Hughes’ School – 14 gallons. Hughes’ had three schools and gave one to Starline. He will give the other two to me and I received a preliminary order today.

The Starline traveller was waiting outside. “Do any good old man?” “Damn. This is your job, isn’t it?” I asked, waving towards the school. “Yes”, he said, swelling visibly with smugness, “I thought I’d have a cut at ‘em all this year!” “Hm. I’ve got the other two” I said casually. He deflated suddenly. “Ah well” he said with a forced laugh, “I’ll go in and see if you’ve left me anything at all” (I hadn’t!)

Rain, dammit. I’d been working hard and profitable, felt happy. Back 7p.m. Damn hungry. Nice dainty bread and butter and a gangster book, for tea.


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