Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Saturday 8th April 1939

Midday news bulletin. Italian troops occupied Tirana. King Zog fled to Greece. Albanian irregulars still fighting. Damn the totalitarian trouble-makers!

It was sunny again and spring-like yet. Father drove us to Newport Pagnell, where Richard was in camp with his Sea Scout troop. Father (though it’s not officially disclosed) has lost his job and sold the car. However he’s still keeping up appearances, at present. Stout fella! Real Dawson tradition!

Evening: Went to see an ice hockey match with Lois, Pepita and Robin. “The fastest game on earth” and jolly thrilling. Not quite thrilling enough for Lois however, who is becoming quite a bloodthirsty wench!

Little further overseas news. All the democratic nations express horror at Italy’s “brutal and unprovoked” invasion of Albania. Germany of course approves, saying this act is in accordance with Italy’s long standing attitude of sympathy towards the Albanian people.


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