Friday, June 20, 2008

Wednesday 14th June 1939

Half day. Flicks with Pat, Tiny, George, Stan and Jacko. We were once more together, all. Colossal supper at Rose’s. (I had bacon, sausages and chips and tea, followed by coffee and several curried eggs.) Tiny, Jacko and I strolled in the peaceful woods.

Mick called at about 11 o’clock. “Is Bombardier Dawson in this tent?” “Never heard of him,” said Ling. “More worries for you tomorrow” said Jacko, as we lay in our beds. “I never worry” said George comfortably. I kicked Jacko’s feet with glee at this untruth. A moment later, “You are very fidgety tonight Steve” he said solemnly.


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