Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tuesday 10th October 1939

Easy day today, as Canteen etc. Orderly. Several sick but I fixed them up by 11 o’clock, then went to the Square with other NCOs for a drill. There we had a gruelling 90 minutes with the RSM, learning the pukka way to stand at attention, turn, march by numbers, march, and turn on the march – oh! And how to stand at ease and stand-easy!

Had dinner with Sid Pond and Stan Ling at a café in the Town. (Curried meat and rice for me!)

It is now 5:30p.m. and I’ve done nothing since then except reading and writing here in my attic. I’m going out to have tea now – again at a café – and may then well find that my evening is free also, as the canteen has been closed all day, pending alterations. That will please me exceedingly as I don’t feel too good. Have a hell of a rotten cold, possibly caught whilst in a damp, hot state yesterday.

The canteen did not open. (It is being converted into a NAAFI concern. Light snacks and cups of tea will be now available besides beer and cigarettes.)

Spent some time at BHQ with Sid Pond (buzzer practice) then walked up to the Sunbeam with Jacko. Mary was there with boyfriend (Arnold – Military Policeman – quite a decent sort of bloke) and joined us for a while. Later Arnold also crossed the room. A most amicable arrangement.


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