Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Monday 18th March 1940

Ling did go to the Mount of Olives yesterday and there, sure enough, he found an Arab who sold him a rosary for 20 mils!

Drill order today – the first for many a month. Things were marvellously chaotic for a while, but eventually things were sorted out and we all knew our jobs and got the vehicles loaded. I went out with M1, Sid with M2 and Ron with M3 (showing Jack Payne the job) Stan ling was with me. It was enjoyable once we were away from camp and dashing along in the scorching sunshine to the first rendezvous. Stan Ling and I lay beside the exchange (we still use the old one) in long dry grass, conveniently near an orange grove. “Ye Gods! This is like Epping again,” said Stan.

The comical system of this Battery! A few days ago they made us all change our tents, thus enlarging the camp and reducing the number of men per tent. Now the extra tents have very abruptly been pulled down and the homeless men told to push in where they could, irrespective of troops. Ling and Dean have come back. So now we’re “as we were” on the first night, less Ernie Cole!

Signallers on duty tomorrow! An all-sigs. guard and an all-sigs. list of orderly NCOs.

I passed the course. Full marks for the little practical work done; 100% and 99.5% for buzzer; 92.5% for lamp (a bit shaky, that!) and a glorious 70/80 on the written paper.


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