Monday, August 04, 2008

Friday 8th March 1940

"Why don’t you come back, Steve?” said Sidney. “There are only five of us now and it’s bloody miserable.” During the day, Barford, my second-in-command, returned from hospital; his friend Hutley would be due back from a course within a few days. Everything fitted in! I’d move out secretly, leaving Barford in charge and thus making room for his friend to later join him!

It was a dark night, ideal for a “moonlight flit” as there was no moon. Sidney and I carried my bed and belongings out of the exiles tent, through several rows of “B” Troop tents and reached No.15 safely. I kipped down between Gibbon and Stiles, with Pond, Andrews and Gilbert opposite. Home again! Some of us were still talking at 10:30, long after lights-out.


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