Monday, August 04, 2008

Tuesday 27th February 1940

Beginning of the Gedera Mutiny! Soon after tea there was a rumour that an order would shortly be issued that all brass work on the pack equipment was to be cleaned and that all webbing equipment would be blancoed. Murmurs of indignation! And at 8:30p.m. orders were on the board: - “All brass work on the web equipment is to be cleaned. Squad parade 0830, dress battle-dress and belts; brass work on belts to be cleaned. Web equipment: A supply of blanco for cleaning web equipment will shortly be available in the NAAFI.”

Uproar! I lay on my bed reading the mail from home (a letter from Eileen and one from Mother) when I heard angry cries in the lines as men passed along. “No brass work to be cleaned! Brass work – will not be – cleaned!” And, “The old sod! The old bastard! Fuck ‘im!” I went around to the sergeants tent (when I’d read my letters) and asked what was to be done. They all seemed fed-up! “No cleaning!” they said, “But the men must stick by us!” Sid, Dick and I (Stan is ill in hospital, poor old boy) went to most of the tents and found a rarely angry spirit abroad.

No cleaning! (Perhaps) Well, we’ll have to wait and see what happens, now.


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