Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday 26th February 1940

Regimental signalling course commenced today (my tent attended en bloc!) and after many weeks the signalling squad was once more assembled. At last we had some real instructions; spent quite an interesting day. Signallers are relieved of all duties and fatigues as long as the course lasts! Jolly nice to be under Mr Adams once more – he hasn’t changed an iota since the early war days in Chelmsford. And Sergeant George Hignall – he still believes in taking things fairly easy and not “driving”.
Ripping too, to be doing something definite, instead of just buggering about.

The Camp generally seems more contented now that things are getting more organised. Men are singing and laughing again. Tonight we all lounged around on our beds, peacefully smoking, and discussed intelligent matters. Sex, marriage problems, finance, how long the war might last and what form it might take.


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