Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday 12th February 1940

A good eight hours sleep – 10p.m. to 6a.m. I feel rather more at ease than most in this life. Very few have ever been on board Ship before, or slept in a hammock. When I awoke this morning, most of the blokes were feverishly stowing away their hammocks – or trying to. Rather like me on my first morning aboard HMS Broke.
A magnificent wash with plenty of hot water. The wash place here like everywhere else, is organised.

Route march for 339 Battery before lunch. The other troops looked on enviously as we marched off into the town. We were dressed in battle-dress and caps and wore respirators. (No great coats! I have not cleaned any buttons since leaving Southwell, now.) Damn hot as we marched up the hilly road above the harbour.

Colourful town! The people have a Latin look as though they were Italians. I am now happy and do not care how long this sort of life continues. Soon we shall be moving again, going even nearer the sun.


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