Monday, August 04, 2008

Wednesday 31st January 1940

Today we wore gaiters! They look smart and they are comfortable and they keep the snow off one’s legs and ankles.

Depths of misery; – the journey to and from RHQ (5 miles away) – where we went in the gas chamber – in the back of an open lorry. Followed by a happier half hour as I sat – alone for once – by a bright fire in The Tuck Shop and gradually became warm and dry. Coffee and cakes were served quickly, there were no draughts of cold air, and I had a newspaper and some cigarettes.

Packing! Packing of stores and signals equipment. It won’t be long now… Rumours of an effort being made to give everyone 48 hours leave before we embark.

Must get to bed early tonight! Last night I sneaked back to the billets a 2:45a.m.! I’d been with Eileen. After the dance, we sat by her kitchen fireside and argued and quarrelled until just before I came away. So bed at 3a.m. and up again at 6:30 with buttons to be cleaned before roll call. It has rather increased my perpetual sleepiness.


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