Friday, August 01, 2008

Saturday 20th January 1940

Orderly-bombardier today – being a half holiday! Snow still thick on the ground. Nicely snug in the orderly room. I wrote out about 60 late passes during the morning. The orderly sergeant took the afternoon off, whilst I “held the fort” so he let me get away for a few hours in the evening. Went along to a dance at the cinema at 9:30p.m. Queer without Eileen, though. “Isn’t the young lady coming?” asked the doorkeeper, in concern. He’s apparently got to know us.

Met George Hignall at the dance – just returned from a signals course and now NCO i/c Sigs once more. He looked as resigned and fed-up as usual!

Got back to the Officers mess at midnight and sneaked into the silent orderly room. There lay the Night Duty Driver and the Night Duty Don R ( the latter, Shead, ex lance-jack in the Signals) asleep! I spread my paliasse and three blankets - close beside the fire – and turned in. One contented glance at the ceiling beams with firelight flickering upon them; then sleep.


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