Friday, August 01, 2008

Tuesday 9th January 1940

Who is the senior of you two?” said the puzzled signals officer, when he found Pond taking the squad, with me standing in the ranks. “Dawson sir,” smiled Pond. “But I can’t shout today, sir,” I whispered.

Eileen and I went to the cinema dance tonight. It seemed like old times! Like the rather jolly days during our first month here, when everything seemed peaceful and ordered. Most of the people whom I’d known were there (but no RCS men – my former rivals for Eileen – and Ron Dean was absent being on leave). However Pond and Ling were there and in good fettle, the latter with his Doris. “Look Sidney, this is where I found her, that night!”.. “Stan’s in the chair. Five coffees on Stan!”.. “Well dammit Stephen, I ordered five coffees, and Stan put down sixpence and wanted two pence change!” .. “Do you remember, Stephen?” .. “Yes!” .. “Would you like to part here, where we first met – when the time comes?” .. “No, we couldn’t. Not here”

“They’re my dreams and my castles – and they’ll fall,” murmured Eileen, gazing into the fire.


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