Friday, August 01, 2008

Thursday 28th December 1939

1a.m. of tomorrow, actually. My kit is packed (in a filthy old kit bag) and my uniform etc is ready cleaned. We’ve already received our passes, ration forms and tickets so have no need to parade tomorrow. Most of us will catch the 7:15a.m train! Possibly Eileen will be on that train en route to her office in Nottingham.

“Sing me a song” I said as we sat in a chair and so Lucy whispered, “Can my dreaming be in vain, Will our love ne’er come again?… Come back! Come back!” “Oh lord!” I cried looking at her from arm’s length. “We are making a fuss about it! It’s only for a week, darling!” “Yes, of course,” she said, “We are stupid, aren’t we?”

As I remarked, it’s 1 o’clock of tomorrow now. So I’ll wash my hands, cut my finger nails – and turn in. Alarm set for 5:30!


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