Friday, August 01, 2008

Sunday 24th December 1939

Didn’t get up until 9 o’clock – there was no need to attend parade as I had a pass. I was NCO i/c of meals, but Stan Ling had promised to do breakfast or me. No Church parade either; had quite an easy day. I was twenty five minutes late for tea and the men who still remained in the mess hall were finishing their meal when the Orderly arrived.
“You’ll get the sack!” they hooted as I looked vacantly around.
“You’ll all be up before the OC tomorrow,” I retorted, nothing daunted, “Starting tea without me - !”

Evening at Eileen’s’. Left them at quarter to twelve thinking it had been a pleasant night. However when I got back to the billets they were just beginning to celebrate there. I stolidly cleaned my kit – watched as though I were a zoo exhibit – and then joined in the merriment with Dick Cartwright, who’d come in from next door.

Bed two o’clock.


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