Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday 10th December 1939

Sick, post, canteen and defaulters orderly from today – this job runs for a week now. There is no canteen, so it’s quite a pleasant job! I’m beginning to notice that it is rather nice to be a two-stripe man. Decent blokes like Thurley and Stephens, formerly my seniors, now call me “Steve” as an equal.

I have enjoyed Army life ever since I had that leave and a rest. Admittedly, I met Eileen and was promoted at about the same time! I’ll be glad of the extra pay. Hard up as usual! There are not many worries in the Army though, everything being planned for one’s comfort or discomfort. Sometimes I wonder about my kit at the Cock Inn. It seems awful to leave it there all this time; especially as we’ll go abroad soon, possibly to the East. If we go East we may be away some considerable time. Difficult to make any arrangements for getting the stuff home from Stock owing to transport and petrol troubles.

Well, I don’t anticipate, but I hope we do go East! A hot climate would probably suit me; I’ve always thought so.


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