Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday 3rd December 1939

Up at 4 o’clock. A lovely night – stars and moon and silence except for the thud of a few pairs of Army boots as the wireless squad went to breakfast; except for the drone of an occasional Army truck, rushing through the streets. Quiet a decent breakfast for the select little party of signallers and drivers.

Cartwright and I at Rolleston Junction in “Charlie Uncle 2” whilst the stars faded from the sky and it became light. Men and horses detrained. Just as I was getting bored, cold and fed-up, Charlie U 1 came through (they were in Southwell) to say that Stan Ling had walked along and had some news for me. He then told me how he’d met Eileen’s’ brother in a pub last night and had gone home to tea at his house, where he’d seen Eileen.

“Hullo CU1,” I cried, “Please inform me this. Does she still love me? Still love me? Over!” “Yes” came back Stan’s voice from CU1, “Yes, I think she does, Steve. She seemed very interested to hear about you. Over!” From then onwards I felt happy!
And our work was done by 12:30p.m.

Pond and I went into the mess together and found a seat beside Ron Dean. Later Stan Ling came to us as well. So the four snakes walked back merrily to Landseer Road. Half holiday!


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