Monday, July 28, 2008

Friday 8th December 1939

Relentless rain, all day. We were all inoculated and also had a dental examination. (I’m to have two teeth and one root extracted and one stopping. Ough!)

After pay parade Ling and several other NCO’s were detailed to relieve the guard, so I went along too – and spent half an hour gloomily in a sentry box whilst rain fell steadily.

Had two games of chess before lunch, with Ling, in our café. I still lead, 3-2.

Well it’s 10p.m. now and I reckon I’m one of the lucky ones where inoculations are concerned. I don’t feel any worse than last time – just stiff and lethargic and “run down”. There have been several “casualties” during the afternoon and a good many absentees at tea time.


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