Monday, July 28, 2008

Wednesday 6th December 1939

No! The same foolish custom exists in Bty. HQ group. Still, each night I must polish the brass work on my respirator.

Today we went to a rifle range near Lowdham and fired ten rounds each of .303. Quite a crude sort of affair. I didn’t do very well – nil for grouping and 16/20 for application (I missed once in grouping). Some – many had never fired before – were much worse than this, however.

Walked into the dinning hall this evening, late for tea, and looked around.
“He’s over there, Steve” said Langley.
“Stan Ling. The rest of the snakes have gone”
“Oh! I was looking for them! How did you know?”
“You four snakes are always in a huddle together, somewhere.”


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