Monday, August 04, 2008

Thursday 25th January 1940

We’ve all been issued with great packs now, secured very comfortably around the body and shoulders by many disconnecting straps. (which will later, doubtless, entail much cleaning). We had camouflaged groundsheets too and long woollen pants (“The Tropics!” said a cynic. “This spells Finland, boys!”

The Battery has been reorganised. I’m now in “B” Troop – Signals NCO – and i/c No. 16 Sub. Section. This is composed of myself and a specialist – Barford – and seven signallers. The signallers are Cartwright, Pitt, Gregory, Samson, Willoughby, Bryceland and Keeble. We are a unit and will always be together whilst travelling and probably in the field. Fortunately, the Troop Commander is Captain Boulton, a slow speaking, deliberate officer. Hard luck on Ron Dean, formerly NCO Sigs. For “B” Troop. In his absence – he’s away ill – he’s been hoisted out of his favourite job and is now in the Bty. HQ (Command Post) Troop.

Half past ten and I’m now going to bed. An early night! I’ll do my cleaning in the morning, to hell with it.


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