Monday, August 04, 2008

Saturday 3rd February 1940

Parade at 09:30 in the snow, in active service marching order – full pack and all kit and equipment, two kit bags gaily marked blue-red-blue and one marked “Not Wanted” (on voyage). Didn’t feel too gay as we lugged the stuff along, though!
The hope of a leave has now been officially quashed. So much the better, as far as I’m concerned. Reunion, then more farewells…

Perhaps today’s was my last visit to Nottingham, with Lucy Eileen. We had tea at The Oriental. Coffee! Welsh rarebit! Sausage and chips and Worcester sauce! What a luxury to me. We saw a ripping film – perhaps the last I’d see in England! – at The Carlton. “Juarez,” a romantic, historical story of Mexico. When the clear voice sang “La Paloma” at the final dawn! And, “Forgive me” whispered Juarez… too late. Eileen wept; and frankly I’d tragical feelings myself! We both resented it when some cheap American film started immediately afterwards.

Coffee at The Granary and some strange whip which Eileen and I both solemnly inspected at the bar before ordering.

“Rolleston already?” I said.
“Yes,” said Eileen.
“But we haven’t stopped at all the stations yet…”
“Oh yes, we have! You’ve been fast asleep!”


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