Monday, August 04, 2008

Wednesday 28th February 1940

The revolt collapsed! At lights-out, two sergeants (“Eggy” Brooks, with whom I viewed the Mediterranean, was one of them) came around and told the men in each tent to clean after all; and that Nos.1 (chiefly sergeants) would complain in the morning.
So after breakfast today we all cleaned our belts; later the battery stood on parade for over two hours during a rehearsal of tomorrows inspection by the DRHA.
And no one complained. Everyone grumbled bitterly but not one of the Nos.1, voiced an official protest…

Half holiday for the signals, today! I strolled across to the hospital to see Stan Ling; I was clad in shirt and trousers and gym shoes, cap over eyes, letting the sun soak into me. How quickly the weather changes here! Within an hour it was quite cool and I was glad to put my blouse on again.

Everyone is cleaning the rest of the brass work on the webbing now, for tomorrow’s inspection. They say there are about 70 pieces of brass work to clean altogether…


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