Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sunday 7th July 1940

We were wakened by the men on duty at 8 o'clock – when the breakfast came! After we'd eaten and cleaned up the room we washed and shaved down below at a tap. Roughing it here! The sea is a beautiful colour this morning. Yes, it is a nice guard – wish I could be here a week.

Now I'm back in camp again. It was a “steady old job” as the cynical veterans would say. Plenty of time for reading and for discussion of philosophical subjects – I sitting on some boards or lounging on my blankets, spread upon the floor, sucking at my pipe. Sometimes I'd climb the 35 foot ladder to the roof and stand there looking at the countryside spread below or at the glorious blue-green, shimmering sea. Now that I'm back, I realise how utterly contented I was whilst away!


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