Monday, August 18, 2008

Thursday 28th March 1940

Fatigues today, as anticipated.
Tents were put strictly in line, stores were unloaded and I was in charge of a most comical fatigue. We had to blanco tent guy lines! One of our wearily sarcastic jokes re spit and polish used to be, “Any day now we’ll have to burnish tent poles and spectacle rims and blanco guy lines”. Now, the latter has come true!

“March your men off, Bombardier Dawson” ordered the sergeant-major. There were six poor buggers, just as disgusted as I. “Squad-for-blancoing-tents – ‘shun!” I snapped in a browned-off manner. “What are you laughing about? Right turn. Quick – march! Eyeees right! Eyeees – front!”

What bullshit! An easy job, but what bullshit!


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