Sunday, September 07, 2008

Monday 9th December 1940

A pleasant, warm, sunny morning now but ye gods! it was cold last night! What with the extremely good food we get in camp and the occasional change of meal in Cairo, I'm A1 again. No festering or desert sores whatsoever!

The many races and creeds wearing khaki here! Noisy, irresponsible Australians and New Zealanders; untidy French: Jews and Arabs (the latter sometimes forgetting their new role and squatting on the floor of trams, Bedouin fashion); and clean, simple, loveable Indians; black soldiers from Sudan, too. And last week I met a very English looking sergeant-major who told me he was a Libyan of the Senoussi tribe and had been fighting the Italians, off and on, since 1911. “Now” he ended proudly, “I am member of British forces”. Really, it makes one proud and confident to meet some of these men.


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