Friday, September 05, 2008

Sunday 17th November 1940

In Stan Ling's absence, I am now Signals (very technical) store man. Have been installed in an empty building, with a mass of stores – eight wireless sets and their multitudinous, mysterious gear and the contents of the 5 “M” line laying vehicles. Don't know how long I'll hold down this “technical” job – until there is a technical job to do, perhaps!

Meanwhile however, I'm a duty man (funny how I've slipped from one duty job into another!) and alone and fairly independent. I sleep in the aforesaid large building. It is very quiet, except for the wind and a wooden shutter creaking eerily somewhere, just now. Thank God for a measure of individualistic work, anyhow! And (if I hold the job down long enough) I'll learn something about that great mystery – Electrical Instruments.


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