Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sunday 10th November 1940

In a few days time we move from this bivouac area and encamp beside Sidihanaish Station, about a mile away, whilst another unit moves in here. About 10 days later we travel on from there – but where, no one quite knows. It'll be the first time I've waited 10 days for a train – if we go by train! Semi-official that we move eastwards ie. away from Mersa. Of course speculation is rife! Jack Chenery and I even had a walk along the sea shore (with a hell of a rough wind blowing the sunshine away) to discuss probabilities.

He said: 1. Palestine 2. India 3. Greece 4. Sudan

I said: 1. Palestine 2. Greece 3. Mena (near Cairo) 4. Aden

The Station will be a nice healthy sort of place! And with the moon nearly at the full! A steady 10 days – well it'll make a change.


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