Thursday, September 04, 2008

Friday 1st November 1940

Drill orders on the Plateau today. Nothing much went right. We came back rather in a hurry in mid-afternoon, as there was a “panic” on. All leave cancelled is the only definite sequel, so far.

A small dust storm was brought on by the strong westerly wind at teatime. So I didn't have any rice pudding or tea but covered my stew with the other half of the mess tin and snaked back to the command post. Being well in the hill's lee and ramped on the windward side, it was quite still and dust-less in the exchange pit so I enjoyed my stew (with some Lea and Perrin's Worcester Sauce, bought from the EFI at an exorbitant price). There's a candle in the exchange pit tonight so I'm able to write in some comfort.

The storm's still blowing overhead; the new moon has just set. This is the moon which – they say – will see big doings on the Western Desert as the Moslem feast of Ramadam ends about now.(Feast! It's a fast, by all accounts!) The news will be through quite soon. Meanwhile, I think Vic Naden and I will celebrate the cancellation of leave and also wash the dust down, with a bottle of beer!


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