Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tuesday 29th October 1940

A little heliograph practice this morning. Stevens and I were on one helio, Grant and Burch on another. We flashed:- “Send up additional tea in 1 gallon containers for 16 men stop other rations already here figure check AA6 AR”

Reply:- “Sorry we have drunk all tea available 1215 hours stop no more water stop await instructions figure check AUAE AR"

Now the messages became regimental. We sent:- “All 16 men now very thirsty stop what can you do figure check A6 AR”

They replied:- “We will try and get some water meanwhile bear it with blocks on CHRISTIAN blocks off fortitude AR”

Browned of we let our 16 men die; “Cancel last request for water stop substitute crosses stop blocks on TELL ENGLAND blocks off AR”

Came the business-like answer:- “Blocks on ENGLAND TOLD blocks off men on way with tools and blankets for burial stop crosses with the old motto on them AR”


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