Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturday 17th May 1941

Local news: Last night's attack was more successful, the Aussies have driven Jerry out of four of the six posts he occupied at the gap in the wire.

BBC news: The enemy has commenced bombing and machine gunning our troops in Iraq. Use is being made of air bases in French Syria... British troops moving into Palestine. Western Desert: Our forces stormed Helfaya (“Hellfire”) Pass and re-took Sollum.

In the afternoon, enemy planes bombed Tobruk. One bomb fell fairly near the battery HQ area, and exploded a stack of old Iti ammo. Later the bombers returned over us. 36. The Aussies, undaunted, blazed away, and “Winkie” Kneal (surveyor), who had a rifle, gave them some excellent rapid fire until his magazine was empty. The whole thirty six roared past, flying low but un-hit, absolutely ignoring us!


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