Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday 12th May 1941

12 Noon: There has been a little “Aeronautica Bombardamento Indiscriminato” but no dive bombing, for several days. No British planes about. What's on?

On Saturday night three of us were so thirsty that we drank fawn-coloured water from a stagnant pool. Didn't even boil it! However there have been no ill-effects and for today, we have managed to secure a little extra water.

Sequel to the above notes on aeronautica: At 3 p.m. about 40 Jerries came over and hell-dived Tobruk. They put an AA gun out of action and sank HMS “Ladybird” in the harbour. After the raid, they flew away, quite low, over the battery HQ area. Our rifle barrels were hot!


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