Friday, September 26, 2008

Wednesday 23rd April 1941

Apropos of yesterday's remarks – old Stan Ling asked me today if all was well at M1? “I've noticed one or two funny things up there lately and heard some queer remarks,” he said. So I'm not the only one who realises I'm non au fait – that's the best way to describe it – with the rest of M1. “Gee!” said Denny, who sat nearby, (Denny Search usually starts with a soprano squeak of “Gee!”) “If we three, and Ted Gayler and Johnnie Stevens were the M1 crew it would be qwise keteer!”

However! I went to forward OP again tonight and was free from them all and from the exchange of which I am no longer in charge – any order I give is so often countermanded by George, if the men appeal to him.

“X” car hit a land-mine and was put out of action. Sorrell and I had to bring the Colonel, Major Puckle and Fred Dawsey back to the rear area. Saw Delph, who had been wounded, at the infantry HQ. The other three were still dazed and deaf. Lucky that Denny and Stan weren't in the back of “X” on this occasion...

(Major Puckle went to Base a few days later. Shock and deafness)

Needless to say, Sorrell and I dashed back to the OP pretty fast, subsequently. We didn't want to be wandering in the minefield after dark! There were four heavy air raids on Tobruk today. Quiet tonight. During my spell of duty I observed 14 gun flashes at 265 degrees and two ground flares at 30 and 40 degrees. There was also a little machine gun fire to the westwards.


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