Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday 17th April 1941

Damned dusty again yesterday. Only one day in the last six has been decent.

In the morning we found a precipitous wadi nearby in which there was a large pool of water. In the side of the cliff above – about 25 feet from the bed of the wadi was a small cave. Ideal as a funk hole for six men! Pity the exchange isn't there; it would take a very lucky shell or bombs to damage men skulking in that cave.

In this cave we found a large canvas sheet which is now used as a tent at the exchange position. This structure is called “The Operator's Home of Rest”; telephone is laid on, of course. We don't get much chance to rest, nowadays, however. Rumoured that the enemy will shortly make another attack, supported this time by dive bombers and long-range bombers. We expected it about now (4a.m.) but all is quiet at present.

Other local news is good. Sollum has definitely not fallen, indeed it is rumoured that some of our forces have re-occupied Bardia. Something will happen here soon. Either they'll attack the defences again or we'll be out and after 'em.

2p.m. I was breaking up some old Iti ammo boxes for firewood. Each box was stamped with the name of the town of origin - “NAPOLI”.

Napoli! The first time I heard Naples called “Napoli” was in the “Golden Grove”, that inn kept by a French woman on St. Anne's Hill. Those Italian musicians from Chertsey always called it “Napoli”. They seemed nice fellows. Who knows? They may be here, in Libya, now! The “enemy”.


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