Friday, September 26, 2008

Sunday 27th April 1941

There hasn't been an attack, or even any bombing, for two days. All yesterday, I was at the OP in a dust storm. Rather unpleasant. Today is windy but not dusty.

One thing of which we have not been robbed – her at any rate – is hot tea, with plenty of sugar and milk. We have drunk tea without milk or sugar and we have drunk un-sweetened tea made with salt water. The water is foul here, in it's virgin state, but one gets a qwise mug of tea from it, several times a day. One must not drink to the dregs though – there's usually a steady layer of sand at the bottom of the mug.

On the whole, things aren't too bad here and it is more cool and less fly-ridden than it was Mersa Brega way, a month ago. We're lucky to be here instead of in Greece. Reckon there'll soon be an evacuation there. Yugoslavia fell days ago.


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