Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday 15th December 1940

Packing and loading vehicles all day. Ready to move now. We go tomorrow morning. Apparently we're going into the desert again and much further than before. Nobody is either elated or nervous – everyone is just browned off! Most of my tent are in low water just now; we've all got rotten colds and still feel the effects of the inoculation.

It's been a “happy” tent this and we'll be sorry to break up. One of the best tents I've had – everyone pulling their weight, plenty of laughter and fun and repartee in the tent and discipline whilst on parade.

8p.m. I've just had a meal in the canteen – my “last supper”. Hot tea, eggs, fried onions, mash and chips. There won't be many more meals as tasty as that, for some time! I'll turn in early and enjoy my last night on bed boards, under cover of a tent.

Ye gods it is cold!


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