Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday 27th September 1941

I'm up and about now. Camp cinema in the evenings and the Bulldog Club in the afternoons – gramophone records, tea and cakes (how unlike a bulldog I feel!)
Pleasant surprise today. I met “Steve” Stevens in the dining hall. In here with a poisoned thumb. Lots of news. By the way Ritchie, Pop Parker and the rest have all gone back to Tobruch. There was a big draft last week. And I wasn't surprised, when I heard Steve's news. He came down only about 10 days ago, and recalled the arrival of at least two of my M1 parcels. There have been many changes. Sid Pond is now NCO Sigs. 414 (John Pounds was going macnoon or tonti). Ken White is a bombardier and i/c “B” Troop signals.

Sammy Jacobovitch, Dick Gilbert and Jack Pitt are all down here with wounds. Two men were killed. This month we captured an Iti officer. He had all our gun positions co-ordinates in his papers and also plans for a 5 day bombardment of the battery. It commenced next morning. Dick Gilbert had come from “A” as exchange operator in my place. When the line went, he set off to maintain it, with Jack Pitt. Both were hit; Dick got a nasty one in the back, Jack got both arms broken. Sammy was wounded next day, when out on the line with Steve himself.

Post Normy was captured by the enemy... Since then, Steve hears, there has been a three mile advance on the sector so we probably hold Post Normy again.
I seem to have missed a lot of excitement. Oh! And Jack Chenery is now lance sergeant and GPO Ack of “B”!


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