Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday 30th August 1941

Put in “A” Depot Battery (OC Major Puckle) at Base Depot. I should be able to keep a diary again now – to tell of my Aussie friends in Ward J, at No.3; of the long train journeys; the bits of news; and of my meeting with “Pop” Parker and Wilbur Underhill at the Base.

But I can't settle down to a diary again yet. There's something lacking. No good trying to force it. The heat of bloody Tobruch must have burnt the heart out of me.
Well, I hope it's going to wake up again. I'm expecting five day's sick leave. That might help.

In the desert one often sees the mirage. Sometimes – usually – one can see, clear and strong as daylight, a lake, with trees around. Artillerymen have a different word for heat haze too. Owing to the great heat, the air quivers and visibility, at certain hours of the day, is very poor. This also, is called “Mirage”.


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