Monday, October 06, 2008

Wednesday 6th August 1941

Feel better today. Still can't eat, or drink tea though! It shook me when breakfast came! I'd been looking forward to it; yet when it arrived, looking so dainty, all I could manage was some very thin porridge and one nibble of bread and butter. Even then, I felt I'd overeaten! Managed to have a wash and a shave this morning.

They've taken away my medical card and ship's label which normally hang at the foot of the bed. My cheerful neighbour says this means I'll be evacuated. “I've been here 12 days and I know the signs,” he says.

2p.m. I'll lie down and cover my face with a newspaper, and dream or sleep.

8p.m. Yes! I am going to be evacuated to the Base! This afternoon, half a dozen of us were fetched from the Hospital to this place – a subterranean, electrically lit chamber which opens – by means of a tunnel – onto the quayside. We're waiting to be taken away by a destroyer. Maybe tonight, perhaps tomorrow night; or possibly the night after. But nobody really knows.


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