Monday, October 06, 2008

Tuesday 29th July 1941

Scotty and I went to fetch some wooden boxes for the fire. Had to carry them about 2 furlongs. A terrific effort. We've all felt weak and sick for several days, either because of the excessive heat or because the flies poison our food. As we crept wearily along the sun-drenched, windless wadi, sweating profusely, “Strong, virile Englishmen, Steve,” gasped Scott, whimsical to the last.

War news: Russians are holding the Boche. It's marvellous! The second offensive has petered out and it is now denied that Smolensk has fallen, although the Germans claimed this a fortnight ago. The Boche have recently made explanatory broadcasts to the German people, apologising for the slowness of the advance etc. One expects such things from the poor old British War Machine, but not from Jerry!

War spreads it's signs Far Eastwards. The occupation by Japan of French Indo China, is now preceding. “A direct threat to Australia,” says the Aussie premier. Precautions being taken in British Singapore and the American Phillipines.


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