Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday 11th July 1941

News lately indicates that the fighting between Russia and Germany is still intense. In spite of it's intensity and the heavy losses, no major victory has been obtained as yet by either side. The Boche definitely have the initiative though and are inside the Russian frontier at several points. My God! I hope Stalin can hold them! The whole show may be in the balance. England of course, is “not ready” yet to give assistance and tip the scales. “Not ready” to launch the famous and long-discussed “spring offensive”. It is only 22 months since we declared war!

The slow advance continues in Syria. Nothing to report in Libya or Egypt. Little air activity over England (thank God!); heavy RAF raids, by day and night, on Germany and France. America is practically in the war, although not officially – They realise now that if England is licked, things will go badly for USA – soon afterwards!

American ships are convoying merchandise to Britain (where the rationing grows harsher) and now we hear that a “large force” of Americans is to take over Iceland, (They have already occupied parts of Greenland) and that British troops in Iceland will gradually be withdrawn.

Apropos of this our latest “straight-up” rumour is that Iceland forces have been ordered to proceed straight to Libya to take over the defences of the Fortress of Tobruch, from the present garrison, which is being relieved forthwith. This incredible story, really the last of it's kind, was passed on to me in all seriousness!


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