Friday, October 03, 2008

Thursday 3rd July 1941

Awakened (at 6:30a.m.) by three shells dropping in the wadi, about 100 yards to the right. After my surprise had died down (this was naturally mild at that hour) I slept again, drifting off with the pleasant thought that there was over an hour before I need stop sleeping!

Petrol situation being easier there was a swimming party today, at one of the coves. Travelled by lorry and stayed there several hours. It was quiet down there and I'd almost forgotten that Jerry – or Iti – was making an attempt – as the Duke said – to “sort out the wadi wasters” - until a salvo of shells hit the deck as I was leaving the lorry on my return, with Steve. We both assumed the prostrate attitude so common during the other sieges of Bardia and Tobruch, whilst hot metal moaned and whined past us. It really is hot, too. Too hot to hold, if you try to pick it up just after the burst.

“Enemy artillery activity continued, otherwise all quiet” read tonight's Situation Report.


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