Friday, October 03, 2008

Monday 16th June 1941

We moved forward at 4p.m. yesterday, about two miles eastwards. Things went fairly well at the new position (we established the exchange in a gully leading out of a wadi) and were able to kip down by 11p.m. Much more peaceful here as regards enemy aircraft; they seem very far away. We're definitely nearer the front though as we now hear the enemy guns firing, the whistling of the shell and CRASH! Nothing has fallen anywhere in this vicinity though, and mostly they seem to have fallen about a mile away.

In the early hours of the morning a tactical report came in which indicate that things have already begun to happen, Sollum way. “TAC/R 1830hrs. reported two columns each 50 MT filled with troops escorted by 5 light tanks and armoured cars moving East along TRIGH CAPUZZO out of GAMBUT. Our troops reported in possession of BIRWAIR CAPUZZO 1700hrs. Enemy still holding out HALFAYA...”

Flash! British aircraft have been operating in this area for a couple of days! American machines.


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