Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wednesday 4th June 1941

We're doing fine in the matter of water now, as from time to time, we sneak down to that water hole in the wadi and fill up our cans. Unfortunately (why does one always discover these things when their usefulness is nearly ended?) we shall not enjoy this exrta supply much longer as we are moving from this position very soon. We are going to relieve 414 Battery in the Derna Road sector, on our right flank.

At nights, whilst the first raid of the evening is in progress, we listen to the news. Last night we were particularly interested in an account of the last days of Crete, as it's possible the same tactics may be employed against us in Tobruk. “Troop carriers were landing at the rate of one every 70 seconds” “Orion” got troops away, though attacked by hundreds of planes. As many as 500 were in the air at a time” “The Aussies crawled towards the coast... The Germans bombed any thing that moved... Crete was transformed into a hell on earth... Greece was a picnic compared to this...” “Before the parachutists came down, every yard of the chosen area was bombed”

“I'm getting out of this, mate!” exclaimed the Duke, “Man wasn't made to stand shootin' at 'undreds of dive bombers with a rifle. I want to read all about this, in the papers, back in Cairo. Yes! I'm getting out of this!”


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