Thursday, October 02, 2008

Friday 23rd May 1941

During long spells at the exchange today and tonight, I wrote a total of ten pages in letters! I must hang on to my one-time good English in letter and diary writing. That ability to think of well-strung sentences may perhaps save me from becoming too hopelessly dull and useless. After re-reading a letter from Win (nostalgia- stirring for a desert rat) I feel happy as I used to feel, when all was right with my world. She is so good at description... “How it rained and how the trees in the forest cried long after the rain had stopped”.

I wanted a drink of water. I was squatting alone in the tiny exchange dug-out – 1a.m.
Fine dust sprayed in my eyes as I cautiously lifted a flap of canvas roof and peered out. Wind was warm and had freshened and shifted to the SE. I looked up; the stars were growing dim. And the water in the can was tepid, although it was so late at night. Yes! Dusty day tomorrow!

(“Burton Box here” “Line OK, Burton Boy?” “OK” “Right, off” “Atherstone Bar here” “Exchange testing, Atherstone Boy, give me a buzz will you?” “Sure” “Light and line OK thanks. Off” “MABA Exchange!” “BURO testing. OK?” “OK” “Thanks MABA. Off” All very OK at 2a.m. of the 24th!)


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