Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday 4th July 1941

We had built stones partly around our beds this evening. The shell splinters are not pleasant; they fly nearly 250 yards – an amazing distance. Shells have fallen on both flanks and to our rear and front. Most fall just at the end of this wadi about 100/150 yards away on the right flank.

At 0500, the Iti long-range gun, (which had been sedately shelling the harbour for half an hour) was dealt with by B, A and D Troops. I'd been expecting it, the wires had been crackling for some time and then at last I heard the order to fire given.

“Woof - woof – woof - woof!” - A Troop
“Thud - thud – thud – thud!” - B Troop
“Woof – woof – woof – Whee!” - D Troop

I peered out of the shelter happily, whilst gun position signallers were shouting, “Shot Sir!” and saw the flashes all around – B Troop's very close, the others further away.


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