Monday, October 06, 2008

Wednesday 30th July 1941

Increased artillery activity yesterday afternoon. Shelling reports from the boxes came through every few minutes. A few shells hit the deck in this area; then the mediums opened up on both sides and large projectiles began whistling over the wadi. Noisy. It is now about 0030 I'm doing five hours tonight 10p.m. - 3a.m., as Grant is ill.

One letter arrived today, for me – the first answer to a Tobruch letter. The letter of mine to which this was a reply, was written in that snug dug out near Mersa Brega, hundreds of miles eastwards, but during the retreat. I reclaimed the sealed envelope from the out going mail bag and carried it with me. Then I posted it again, eventually in Tobruch – on April 13th – saying that I was alright.

“The sun shone brightly, reflecting it's rays on a copper and brass jug filled with catkins and I closed my eyes very tightly whilst little pictures flashed through my mind... I could see you... as you might sometimes now be, dirty, hot and terribly tired but still smiling...” I wonder if this could refer to the “macnoon” smile for which I am famous? No, somehow I don't think it could. I'll have to smile cheerfully yet sanely!


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