Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunday 14th December 1941

Still waiting: There are only five of us to dwell in the snug tent and fire at the dusk bombers, now. Bob has gone temporarily to “A” Troop. Plenty of grub, plenty of time to cook it in and no work except looking after ourselves. Plenty of sleep – oh! assuredly we'll soon be moving!

Last night I lay in bed with the earphones on and heard music for a while! “...These have seen movement; and heard music...” - blessed ones! Strauss' “Radetsky March” and then a lovely piece called “Dream of Autumn.” I could have listened to that for hours but eventually it ended and a Gilbert and Sullivan Overture began. However this, following on two other non-swing pieces, was too much for the set operator, who ever it was, and he began to vaguely explore the waveband. I sighed and took the earphones off – and went to sleep.


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