Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday 1st January 1942

Pay parade. I received the colossal sum of £20 – in a thick, crisp wad of new notes. We go on leave shortly.

There was another sign that we are due for a spell of peacetime soldiering – or else that we shall not return to Egypt – our kit bags arrived from the Citadel, Cairo. There was all sorts of junk in mine – a Mills bomb, an Italian bayonet (I added a German one!), a Fascist tie and a huge Italian shell case. Also my diaries, beloved books and odds and sods of clothing!

Most of the blokes – Ling, Stevens, Naden, James and the rest – intend going to Cairo or Alex for their leave. To hell with Egypt, say I! Anyhow, I've already had my hectic leave of dashing around cities. So Jack Chenery and I are planning a leave in Jerusalem, not far from here. Hope I'll be fit enough to go. At present I feel rather “crook”.


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