Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday 23rd December 1941

Derna has fallen and also Mechili. Bardia – so they say – is once more in our hands, although Sollum and Helfaya still hold out.

And – we are in Egypt! Several miles on the Egyptian side of the frontier! Tomorrow we should reach railhead (it is further west than Matruh now) We've done about 100 miles – perhaps more – today. There were seven of us in an open RASC lorry. Dusty bloody journey. We came through the wire well to the south of Helfaya.

Last night it was very cold and miserable, lying in the open, but tonight we should be very snug, in the back of the truck, which has been covered over with our sariba sheet.

p.s. And Jim Murray has given me an ounce of Four Square tobacco! Blessings on his head!


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