Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday 16th December 1941

Warm morning. Went for a stroll with Jack Chenery (now lance sergeant GPO Ack) in the sunshine. He gloomily discussed the war situation (America's heavy naval losses – and ours – in the Pacific; Japs advancing towards Singapore. He typically did not stress the Jerry withdrawals in Russia and Libya) and emphasised the probable lengthy duration of the war.

Whilst in the vicinity of RHQ we saw a cynically resigned party of men loading their kits on to a lorry. They were men of 339, 414, and RHQ who, on account of their short terms of service in Tobruch, had been detailed to leave the Regiment. They were all posted to 107 RHA, which is moving westwards shortly. Among the forlorn ones, I was sorry to see Claude Edwards, and Pop Parker. I hadn't met Claude since landing last month, whilst I hadn't seen Pop since leaving the Base for my second spell of hospital, in September, although I'd chatted with him over the line recently. “Hullo Steve! I'm afraid it's good-bye again!”

There are only four in the M1 tent now as Search and Andrews are both temporarily, out with “A” Troop. A small family, after the original nine!

The time is 8:40p.m., the Pacific news is still bad and Naden is just making a brew on the primus. Almost certain to go down! Meanwhile we do nothing except prepare food, eat and sleep.

Thus ends 1941's Starshine.


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