Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Miredam: A flat expanse of desert land.
Bomb Alley: The sea route between Alexandria (or Mersa Matruh) and Tobruch.
Wadi: A dried up, rocky ravine, caused by erosion – in very few cases perhaps of volcanic origin.
Harbour Gun: The Italians have one or more heavy guns, with which they regularly shell the town and harbour.
“Wastes”: Slang, literally “waste of good rations,” applied to no-good men.
OP: Observation Post.
F.O.O: Forward Observation Officer.
Rats: Berlin Radio once or twice referred to Tobruch Garrison as “The Rats of Tobruch”.
Toc: Bren gun carrier with wireless set, used by a F.O.O


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